Bodies By Bullz | Branding + Creative Direction

Bodies By Bullz LLC is a private fitness training company that helps transform middle age adults into personal trainers and fitness experts.   

Concept + Design: 

I wanted to create a gender neutral logo that was targeted towards middle age adults and Generation Y. I used two fonts and one design element that where legible but also bold and impactful to get the customers attention but also give them a clear idea of what the company was offering. 

I then sat with the owner of the business and generated his message of what he wanted his company to say to customers and who he wanted to attract. I re designed his site to reflect that of a fitness instructor that wanted to get serious and to the point about health and fitness and the services he offered which is why I went with a minimal black and baby blue color scheme with other accent colors. 

During his fitness sessions and training I captured candid photos of him and his clients to make his site more personal and to relate to the everyday adult looking to improve their fitness goals. 

I used Illustrator, Wordpress, HTML, Photoshop and Premier Pro.

Client Name
Wayne Bulls