get up off me — the demons and the lies

i be going the fuck crazy trying to control everything in my life — but the most suffering lies in that.

I see why Buddha quoted the root of all suffering is “attachment”.

The biggest truth and the biggest obstacle. I use to think detachment meant — not feeling anything or anyone — but i realized it means to feel it all and let it the f*ck go.

I have a problem with that. Letting go.

Cause when you let go. Shit becomes too real. Even movie stars read: 54 vintage black and white photos of celebrities captured while reading - The Chic Flâneuse

When you let go — you have no more control. You literally trust in something you can not see — but only feel.

What if you cant trust your feelings?

Can we still let go? But i think that’s the problem —

If you can’t trust your feelings — what can you trust in life?

The only way you can find out is if you let go of trying to figure it out and let it just… happen.

But man.. i have a problem with that — letting go

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