the space between

We all have free will to do whatever we desire — but then again what is really in our control? We are addicted to things, we have vices that keep us going.

But deep down inside — we all desire to be better. To be seen, to become something. We all search for happiness, not even realizing the space between being sad and being happy is the mindset you have.

But how do we get to that mindset — we can read self help articles, we can do the self care trend — or we can literally just settle and be in the space. It will eventually pass just like everything else in life does, but that’s only if you let it.

Y’all ever wish to know exactly where to go in life?

Like where the fuck is the manual to this shit —


And then life hits– and I realize — we are the manual — we are the creators of life — we create the life we want — we create our own manuals to follow — we as spirit are the storms and the mountains — we create the space in between.


Fuck up off my crown.